We apply the best ideas, findings, and methods from behavioral science to identify and solve the behavioral challenges of your customers and your organization. Our team, led by Jason Riis, Ph.D., has published widely in this area, and has helped dozens of organizations bring the field's top ideas into practice.

Through his extensive experience in research, teaching, and consulting, Dr. Riis has developed a series of proprietary behavioral science frameworks that draw on the best ideas in academia, and the most useful tactics in practice. The frameworks are also designed as teaching tools that give your organization the behavioral science concepts and language it will need to apply the ideas going forward. Our behavioral science frameworks include the following: 

Behavior Change
Choice Architecture
Error Reduction
Trust and belief change
Managerial Decision Making



Behavior change generally requires a structured approach with many aspects. Those aspects can be neatly grouped into three broad strategies. Most organizations will need to apply all three types of strategies to achieve broad, lasting change: Beeline strategies to create immediate appeal. Barge strategies to use momentum. Rainbow strategies to create aspiration.



Create immediate



Make the new
behavior so fun and
appealing that they will make a beeline for it. This is hard to do, but most new behaviors can be made at least a little more appealing. We will show you how. 



Use momentum:



Get them on the
barge, so they will
get there even if they
lack initiative. This strategy is the key, and it is often the most overlooked. It involves changing the individual’s physical and social surroundings, and changing the way they plan time. There are hundreds of subtle ways in which companies can do this. We will show you how.

Create aspiration:



Make it important so
they dream of the end
of the rainbow. Everybody
has behavior change objectives. The problem is that we procrastinate and succumb to temptation. This strategy involves creating and leveraging moments of inspiration, and making violations less appealing. We will show you how.