Our consulting services apply behavioral science to a wide range of customer and managerial challenges. In past projects we have developed programs to do the following:

Create need recognition for new products and services
Reduce error in
product usage or program execution
Increase frequency of product or service usage
Increase choice share of new or healthful products
Increase trust and improve perceptions of new technologies
Reduce barriers to technology or new program adoption
Optimize pricing of a
new product or service
Understand and influence behavior of key intermediaries (e.g., physicians, sales force)


Our consulting services bring behavioral science frameworks to a standard sequence of problem identification, problem solving (with recommendations), and tactical implementation (through research, training, marketing, communications, or operations).

We engage in both longer term, customized projects, and shorter, turn-key projects that can fit any budget. We will work with you to meet your needs.

Please contact us for a free 30-60 minute consultation.



Our problem identification process (Step 1) includes a series of behaviorally focused interviews with members of the management team, with partners key to the business success (e.g., retailers, physicians), and with customers. We review any available internal research through the lens of behavioral science, identifying potential gaps in understanding of key customer or partner behaviors.

Our problem solving process (Step 2) involves synthesizing the information from the interviews and reviews of internal documents. Ideally we would also conduct a behavioral science ideation workshop with members of your team. This workshop will expose your team to a behavior based framing of your key business problems, and it will provide a structured set of ideation processes that lead to testable action opportunities.


We will offer additional recommendations in the form of immediate opportunities for improvement in your current research, innovation, and implementation processes. We will help you navigate your immediate next steps.


We can help you see any project through to implementation.


In some cases implementation may include testing actionable concepts developed in an earlier project stage. We can design and conduct that research. We can also design and conduct research to measure the success of campaigns, programs, or products that you do take to market.


We can provide ongoing behavioral science training for your teams and help improve your internal processes. Finally we can help take your most promising initiatives to market through behaviorally optimized marketing and communication programs.