We offer expert, engaging training in behavioral science, marketing, managerial decision making, and research methods. All of our training is motivated by a belief that people learn by doing. Our methods are inherently interactive. Our style is very friendly and collaborative. At the same time we push participants on the clarity of their ideas and on the nature of their reasoning.

Jason Riis, Ph.D., has taught thousands of students and executives at world-class universities and companies. He learned his craft as a full-time faculty member at Harvard Business School where he wrote several case studies that are still in wide circulation. At The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), he developed a popular project-based course on consumer behavior. He has adapted these methods for ideation workshops to drive growth and innovation for companies that are trying to solve real business challenges.

Customized or turnkey ideation workshops are available on a range of problems.
Proprietary behavioral science frameworks are applied to get the most out of your team.
Popular examples include workshops on behavior change, belief change, and managerial decision making.
One off webinars or an ongoing series of webinars are available to introduce key ideas, or to provide ongoing follow up education to people on your team.
Intensive course are available on all of our behavioral science frameworks, as well as courses on marketing, research methods, and managerial decision making. 
These courses usually invite participants to develop an individual work project related to the course focus. 
The case study method is  widely used at most major business schools. Any existing case can be used to explore problems that resonate with your business.
Cases can also be developed for your own internal use, to provide organizational learning
and growth.