Behavioral science is a set of interdisciplinary ideas and methods developed to understand and influence human behavior. These ideas have inspired two recent Nobel Prizes and are now ripe for application across a range of customer and managerial problems. The solutions to these problems start with a rich understanding of how humans think, choose, and behave. That understanding is developed and applied through our turn key or customized approaches.

Customer problems:

  • decision journey and  purchase process

  • product and service perception

  • experience and engagement

  • acquisition and retention

Managerial problems:

  • managerial decision making

  • employee buy-in to organizational change

  • employee engagement and satisfaction

  • sales force education and motivation


Jason Riis has published and consulted widely on problems related to behavior change, belief change, and thinking processes. He has collaborated with leading academics in the fields of psychology, economics, marketing, and health policy. He has been a full time faculty member for 10 years at Harvard Business School, and at The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania).

His consulting work has helped Fortune 500 companies, startups, and non-profits develop and test initiatives inspired by behavioral science. He is passionate about behavior change related to health, wellness, and technology.


Dr. Riis develops and oversees all of our turn-key and customized projects. Expert partners and associates are brought in for larger customized projects requiring additional specialties and
project support.

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We have worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, startups, and non-profits in the following industries

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
Cosmetic Medicine
Employee Benefits and Wellness Programs
Consumer Packaged Goods and Grocery
Food Service and Retail
Consumer Technology
Public Health
Continuing Medical Education
Fitness Equipment
and Services
Legal and Financial Services

"Jason Riis has been a trusted advisor to our business for several years now. His broad understanding of behavioral science and his ability to translate academic research into practice makes him an invaluable resource. I'd recommend Jason without hesitation to any company that wants to build better consumer experiences." - Founder & CEO (health tech company)


We have a team of leading academics and practitioners who bring very specialized skills and knowledge to our customized projects. Our partners bring experience in product positioning, marketing execution, regulatory affairs, research methods and more. We also have a team of junior associates and assistants who assist with project nuts and bolts.