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Technology commercialization is more a people problem than a technical problem. Reimagine commercialization with expert behavioral scientists.

Misperceptions about technology are pervasive

Technology developers routinely misunderstand the needs and mindsets of their customers.

Inaction around technology adoption is the norm

Customers often resist change and  procrastinate action.

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We solve behavioral challenges surrounding technology commercialization by applying cutting edge behavioral science.

Technologies and organizations have an inherently logical design, but behavioral science shows us that people have inherently illogical ways of thinking and acting. This creates inevitable misperceptions and inactions. Our people-first approach is grounded in the concepts and methods of behavioral science. We help you find commercial solutions to your stickiest behavioral challenges.

Technology Strategy

Behavioral science principles improve fundamental product design and commercialization decisions.

  • Managerial decision making 

  • Innovation processes & product development

  • Forecasting techniques  

  • Tactical alignment

  • Strategy workshops

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Technology Marketing

Behavioral principles are the foundation of effective marketing and communication tactics across channels.

  • Positioning & branding

  • Messaging platforms & segmentation

  • Insights & research

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Content creation & editorial writing

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Technology Adoption

Behavioral principles support identification and removal of barriers to product trial, engagement, and long-term adoption. 

  • User journey analysis

  • UX research

  • Message development

  • Onboarding design

  • Support service design

  • Bridging marketing and sales

  • Organizational adoption


Behavioral Impact



Message retention



Customer actions initiated



Usage frequency



Desire for product

What People Are Saying

Behavioralize introduced us to many behavioral principles that we now routinely incorporate into our strategic plans and product development processes

- Senior Product Manager

Our work with Behavioralize led to developments and tests of many improved features 

- Product Manager

UX research is only a sub-set of behavioral science. Good product strategy requires the whole set.

- UX Director

Behavioralize brought a systematic, evidence-based, testable approach to onboarding design. The results have been great.

- Product Manager



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